QUEEN'S PLATINUM JUBILEE PUBLIC HOLIDAY - Closed from Thursday 2nd June - 6th June inclusive

We are going to celebrate the Public Holiday as well, so the shop will be closed from Thursday 2nd June all the way through to Monday 6th June 

and will re-open on Tuesday 7th June at 9 am as usual.

Please email any inquiries to: sales@alfsmotorcycles.co.uk and we shall reply upon our return.    In the meantime…..Have fun and be safe out there

Alf's Motorcycles are a Kawasaki Solus Dealer in Worthing, also incorporating the MV Agusta range. To view our MV Agusta website click here With the wealth of many years of experience in Alf's servicing department, we offer a huge range of services for the majority of makes & models. All you have got to do is call 01903 200948 - option 2 - Workshop to arrange a booking book early so not to be disappointed!

We always offer Great Deals, so don't forget when preparing to leave your bike in the garage for a while, we can help, see below for ideas:

Stop Stale Petrol!

Get one or more now @ £ 9.99 / each

Winter storage for your pride and joy motorcycle - particularly Carbs variety will benefit from this product, although able to be used for any motorcycle or classic car that will stand for long periods of time.

 The Fuel Diamond is an amalgam of heavy metals with a military history which stabilises octane levels in fuel, preventing the petrol in your car, motorcycle, boat, lawnmower, generator etc from going stale. 

It's not unusual for modern petrol to deteriorate after only two months. If you store your vehicle or fuel for long periods, including over winter, your petrol can go stale, resulting in poor starting and compromised performance. 

Increasing amounts of ethanol in petrol risk damaging your fuel system. During a long lay-up, fuel can emulsify, forming a gel in your carburetor or injectors which can harden to a varnish-like coating. The Fuel Diamond prevents this emulsification, protecting your whole fuel system. 

E5 (5%) ethanol is mandatory for 95 octane petrol in the UK.

It is about to increase to E10 (10%)

Contact us now for more information and supplies in stock Now!

Don't forget as well to below Accessories or even presents to your bike:

> Pre-fuel injection - planning your winter project /re-build? Bring us your carburetors for an Ultrasonic clean - Single carburetor prices start from £ 50, ask for more details, call us and Option 2 Workshop

> Winter Storage -  Do you know what ACF 50 is?  The product is an Aircraft specification corrosion inhibitor and neutralizer.  An oil based product which prevents oxidization and helps neutralize existing corrosion.  Can be used on electrics to prevent water ingress. If it's good enough for the stringent requirements of the aircraft industry including military applications, it's good enough to protect your motorcycle from the vagaries (idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, oddity, eccentricity, foible, whim, whimsical) of a British winter.

> Oxford Heated Hot Grips - Keep your hands warm throughout winter!  All styles Sport, Touring, Adventure, Cruiser and  Commuter - Prices start from £ 89.99 + fitting

> Dry Blasting and Aqua blasting service also available.

Service Department

We don't just provide service for Kawasaki bikes!

We are able to offer servicing (following manufacturer's specification) and MOT testing on a majority of makes and models. 

Want to check your MOT and Tax status hereClick here

We are also able to provide the following: 

*property of Nintendo games
  • Kawasaki & MV Official Service & Warranty repairs
  • Repairs on many makes of motorbike and scooter
  • Tyre supply, fitting and balancing
  • Insurance approved estimates and repair
  • Laser track frame and wheel alignment checks
  • Service loan motorcycles (subject to availability)
  • Dynojet & Power Commander installation and set-up
  • Collection and delivery service (subject to availability)
  • MOT testing by appointment, while you wait
  • Carbs, re-balancing services available
  • Vixen Blasting available

You can have peace of mind and confidence in our Technicians, as they are constantly trained by Kawasaki and MV Agusta factory trained and accredited to the Auto Technician's standard by the Government Motorcycle Association.

We are proud to have an extremely experienced workshop team who offer a friendly, informative and assuring approach in assisting you when you need it most.



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